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The largest PVC extruder in North America

We strive to develop innovative PVC extrusion solutions in response to our customer needs and rapidly evolving industry trends. At VISION the customer is always number one. This entrepreneurial spirit and customer focus is found throughout our organization at all levels.

1+ Extrusion Lines
1+ Dedicated Employees
1 Strategic Locations
1+ Engaged Customers

Value added services

Our engineering and new materials development departments have all the best technical resources necessary to establish collaborative programs with customers: in-house test bench, Thermal simulation software, stereolithography prototyping, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and more.


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5 tips to improve results in door & window business

  1. Products that meet current trends.
  2. Value is the new currency. Customers still view manufacturers and dealers as the experts.
  3. Get leads and analyse data.
  4. Team up with experts at all levels
  5. Benefits confirm expertise and technological innovation.

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We continually strive for advanced and improved processes to keep us competitive and provide our customers with the very best quality product possible. “The customer is always number one” is our founder’s mantra and is shared throughout the VISION management team.

PVC extrusion plant

VISION Extrusions Group acknowledges the support of the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.