VISION Extrusions Group helps Window Manufacturers to qualify for certification programs

October 19, 2023

VISION Extrusions Group helps Window Manufacturers to qualify for certification programs



Improving the performance of your windows is an important part of an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade because it reduces the energy waste associated with a leaky home and improves comfort. Windows and storm windows that earn the ENERGY STAR label meet performance criteria that are better than basic building code requirements and vary by climate.


The focus of homeowners are on these parameters… 

ENERGY STAR windows come with a label indicating where the product is certified for. ENERGY STAR ratings vary depending on the climate where you live so you get the right balance of comfort and savings.  Here are some key window performance parameters to consider before you shop.

Reasons to replace

Any of these major problems could be a good reason to replace your windows.

  • Single-pane windows (windows with only one layer of glass) – These windows are poor performers at insulating against cold weather and typically do not have coatings to block solar heat in the summer, increasing air conditioning costs. Single-pane windows are big energy wasters.

  • Windows with air leaks or drafts and degraded sills and sashes – These windows also waste energy and are very uncomfortable to sit next to when it is cold and windy out.  Degraded windows can also leak water into your walls causing more problems and allow insects and other pests to enter your home.

  • Windows that do not open or are painted shut – Windows that do not open prevent you from enjoying fresh air on a nice day or a cool evening after a hot day which can reduce energy costs.  Windows that do not open are also hard to clean and maintain.


Other Considerations

  • How many windows do you plan to buy? - To get the best price per window, it helps to plan to buy at least 10 windows to reduce installation costs.  Window installation costs are lower for the contractor if they come to your home for a larger project because of the time it takes to haul the windows to your home, set up the site, and clean up the site.

  • Was your home built before 1978? – If so, the installer will likely have to take precautions due to possible lead paint.  Following lead paint clean-up protocols is good for your home because they require the installer to catch any lead paint chips that fall during removal of the old windows, to clean up the site with extra care when the job is completed, and to dispose of the old windows correctly. 

  • Talk to neighbors or friends who have had their windows replaced recently.  Ask around to find leads on good contractors who sell a good windows product, provide product performance details, do not use pressure sales tactics, communicate well, have a good warranty, and are clean and respectful during the installation.


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